Past Queen Edye and her Hubby

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Please Ladies just pick up the Roster and give a member a call.

Ask how she is doing, if she needs a ride or just let her know we miss her.

Making an impression.

Encouraging participation.

Nurturing new and non-active members.

Teaching Nile history.

Opening an opportunity to serve.

Restoring enthusiasm.

Instilling the desire to make a deference.

Now is the time.

Going the distance to help Daughters of Nile.

What does this spell


By: Laura Hall, Past Queen Supreme Membership and Public   Relations Committee


Princess Badoura, Debbie and her Hubby

Everyone had a GREAT time

dancing, or learning to dance,

good food, drinks and lots of fellowship and fun.


October 14th


more information to come

Having fun at the Country Ho Down