PRACTICE, PRACTICE and more PRACTICE has been the Dancers motto in preparation for our shuffling off to Buffalo for Supreme. Special thanks to Danielle Howard for her original arrangement of our music and choreography.  Hugs to the Princesses of the Harmonettes for the wonderful Bon Voyage party for Queen Patti and us.  Congratulations to Queen Patti, as she was chosen to be one the Princess Royals for the Ceremonial being presented at the Supreme Temple session.  Dancers will take a breather after Supreme, but be ready for LINE DANCING at the Country Fest in August.
Happy summer. 
Princess Lynette Bearer, President


​Our Congratulations to Queen Patti and her corp of officers! We are looking forward to a most pleasant and productive year. Pr Beth Cary, Pr. Debbie Minagil, and Pr. Danelle Naegle, all musicians, have joined the band! With their help, we might just have a concert ready for the Supreme Queen’s Visit!

We held our fund-raiser yard sale on the coldest and windiest weekend in April...thank goodness it was a success. The next function will be our annual summer party. We are debating between the Pahrump winery and Mt. Charleston Lodge...either will definitely be more fun!

Our best wishes to Queen Patti. The Dancers, and all those attending Supreme Session for an enjoyable time, and to all the Ladies of the Household, a safe and happy summer! We’ll see you at Sewing!

Nile Love, Jeannine Digilio, PQ, President


Your Majesty and Ladies of the Household ,

I want to start out by saying what a beautiful installation our Queen had . I was so proud of her and the fact she has a full core of officers, how exciting. Your Majesty, Patrol is here to help and support you with anything you need,
Have fun at Supreme !
Congrats to all the new Princess and Welcome to Nile. Come to session join a unit ,you will have a wonderful experience, meet the most awesome ladies, make friendship that will last a lifetime.
Thank You! Thank You! ladies for coming to our Luau and supporting our Unit Fundraiser. I have said this was the best show ever 
Patrol will be taking a much needed rest it has certainly been a busy two years for our unit . I hope everyone has a safe and fun Summer
Nile Love and Filly Hugs
Captain Diana PQ


​Dear Ladies of the Household,

Pageantry is looking forward to an exciting year with our Queen Patti and her Officers.  We are looking forward to a fun filled year and packed with lots of great times. A few of our members have not been well and have had some struggles but we will be taking the summer off to recoup and will be starting to practice in the fall so we can perform and make you all laugh as only Pageantry can.

Wishing you all a wonderful, healthy summer of relaxing and fun.

Nile Love, Jeannette Winters, Director


Left to Right:

 Pr, La Verne Willman, Past Supreme Queen Phyllis Wattenbarger, Queen Patti Jack Dorff, Pr. Kathleen Bell, Pr. Phyllis Noblitt   

also not pictured:

Pr. Shirley Davis, Pr   

Almah Band

El Gizarette Dancers


Thank you to the many that attended the          Harmonettes “Bon Voyage Party” at MMT.  The Dancers were sent off in good style.  If you didn’t attend, ask someone who did.  Thank you to       Masonic Memorial Temple for handling all of the masonic groups. Congratulations to Queen Patti and the new officers.  Princess Badoura’s Mother and I were in the last big bus load to Reno.  Small world, and welcome Princess Debbie. Pr. Lynette Bearer and Pr. Barb Henderson have joined the Harmonettes….We continue to grow.

May you have a Song in Your Heart, Phyllis


 Left to Right...

 Georgia Howard, PQ,  Pr. Nichole Garcia,  PSQ Phyllis Wattenbarger, Queen Patti, Pr. Debbi Kreaver, Pr. Connie Lustig, Pr. Alexis Dorff

Not Pictured: Bette Holmstrom, JPQ 

Pr. Stacie Schwartz and Pr. Lynette Bearer

El Giza has five units

and we are very proud of each of them



Front Row: Left to Right:

Pr. Laura Welsh, Phyllis Wattenbarger, PSQ, Queen Patti Jack Dorff, Jeannette Winters, PQ, Pr. Mary Morris

Back Row: Left to Right:

Gini Price, PQ, Pr. Lola Sargent, Pr Mary Wolfsberger, Pr. Joan Norton, Pr 

Jo Ann Snyder, Pr. Tammy Wise, Pr. Clarissa McGill, Ruth Davis, PQ,

Back Row: Left to Right

Pr. Alexis Dorff, Pr. Audrey Krikorian, Flora Holland, PQ, Shirley Banks, PQ, Pr. Jane Sullivan,  R. Jane Kinney, PQ, Pr. Opal Lawrence, Eva Jones, PQ, Pr. Hazel Dewey, Pr. Mari Pupanek,

Front Row: Left to Right:

Pr. Sue McEachen

Past Supreme Queen Phyllis Wattenbarger, Queen Patti Jack Dorff, Diana Newman, PQ, JoAnn Padget, PQ