Murder Mystery Dinner

October 20, 2018

Social Hour 4:00-5:00 PM

Mystery Dinner 5:00 PM MMT Italian Menu (see Debbie Minagil for tickets)  

Save The Date! 5/17 Stated Session 5/28 Sewing

6/9 Bon Voyage

6/25 Sewing

7/23 Sewing

7/26 Queen’s Surprise Trip

8/25 Temple Fundraiser

8/27 Sewing

9/8 Session Practice

9/15 Walk of Love 9/20 Stated Session - Welcome Back! 

From Princess Badoura

From Princess Tirzah

From Her Majesty

Your Majesty and Ladies of the Household, I would like to thank all of you for electing me as Princess Royal. It is an honor and one that I will strive to live up to. I am always available to you and am looking forward to a great year. This year, the CEF/CRA fundraiser is a murder mystery dinner theater. It will be held at MMT on October 20,2018. I’ll be looking for actors & actresses. So, if you are theatrically inclined or just looking to have a really fun evening, keep that in mind and let me know. The setting is an Italian Speakeasy and Princess Badoura, Bette Holmstrom, PQ is cooking. Again, big thank you to all of you for putting your faith in me. I am very humbled and honored. With Much Nile Love and Sparkles, Princess Royal, Deb  

 Ladies of the Household, I am grateful for the trust you have put in me. I can only hope to serve you as you deserve. I have said before that I am and continue to be proud of being part of this bee-utiful organization. On April 8, 2018 we had an amazing Installation of Officers. The hostesses and decorations committee did a fantastic job and the Temple and dining room looked spectacular. The Officers and Pages looked so classy and bee-utiful with their green and gold tops. I am happy everyone seemed to have enjoyed the festivities and dinner. I want to thank you for the very thoughtful gifts I received. I contained my tears during installation, but you are guilty of my crying when I went home and opened all the very special gifts. As we move forward this year, let us come together and support each other on all our endeavors. We have many challenges ahead. Our Princess Tirzah will be planning two temple fundraisers and our Princess Royal will plan the CEF/CRA fundraiser. Your support is not only needed with your presence, but with the presence of your friends and family. Let’s support our Princess Badoura with her work for the children. We hope to improve every year on the work that we do to support the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children®. I am planning a fun trip on July 26! I hope to see all of you there. You should receive more information in May. Let’s have fun and strengthen our friendship. It is during these types of events that we get to better know and understand each other. Our Supreme Session is around the corner. I can’t wait to represent our temple. I am happy to announce that all the Line Officers are planning to attend. I know they will have an amazing experience, as I remember. Lastly, if you are interested in attending the ‘Walk of Love’ at the Salt Lake City Shriners Hospital for Children®, on September 15, please contact me or Pr. Badoura. I wish you a safe and fun summer. Enjoy your family and friends. Safe travels. Be well. Bee Happy – Bee Inspired! Nile Love, Connie  

Dear Ladies of the Household. First, I would like to thank you for the privilege of serving El Giza for the coming year. I don’t have any information to give you on what my Supreme Counterpart is going to be doing (she hasn’t been elected yet) but as soon as I know anything be sure that I will pass it on to you. For sewing-we are going to continue making the heart pillows, neck pillows & gowns for the hospital, as well as the small lap throws. The Queen and I are talking about going to Salt Lake Hospital in September and invite you to come to the ‘Walk of Love’ for the children. I would love to have a bunch of boxes to take over with us. Don’t forget to save tabs from your cans. Last year we were able to collect $50.00 and this year I would like to get at least $75.00. With your help we can get there! We need help to stuff pillows-so even if you can’t sew-we have something that you can do. To help with the Supreme Session in Reno next year El Giza is to make shoe bags to go in the welcome bags. This is a very big job-so we will need all your help. Next sewing (in May) please come prepared to work. If you have a Serger, please bring it (with red or blue thread), we will have need of people to iron-cut & sew the items together.

Bette Holmstrom, PQ, Princess Badoura 

From Princess Royal

Your Majesty and Ladies of The Household, First and foremost I want to say how much I appreciate every lady here. I am humbled by the overwhelming love and support I received thus far in my journey with Daughters of the Nile. I am beyond exited to serve El Giza Temple No. 139 as Princess Tirzah. I thank each lady who has put their support and trust in me. This is a responsibility I do not take for granted or lightly. The faith that you have extended to me is a blessing and one that I intend to the temple grow and be a place of fellowship and fun. Our first temple fundraiser is a Summer BBQ on Aug. 25th . Let’s all remember the purpose of Daughters of the Nile; to be a place where the ladies can gather to fellowship and help the children. So, “let’s have fun so the kids can run”. Nile Smiles and Love, Lisa